Jul. 17th, 2013


Jul. 17th, 2013 02:01 am
woostering: (Holmes + Watson in Sweden)
I walked to you with the knowledge you could cut me to ribbons
after all I'm still not quick to put on full armor
for that.
Later you likened yourself more to acid
this was after various poisons
and the dusting of
nuclear radiation
But now the metaphor is acid.
I still want something sharp
like the arrow of a skilled thief
to deliver the destruction you believe
lies in your concern
not the gentler shine
restored to my greened copper
caked like moss, molding to the tree in which I was buried
I am more resilient than that
Or was I supposed to be drawing parallels to HCL
and sophmore chemistry
even though it was 7th grade when I nearly burned my hand
trying to catch hydrogen from a magnesium reaction
so I could hold it in a test tube
and feel the force of it explode
and likewise capture CO2
to watch a flaming splint go out.
My father is a chemist
he used to come home with indigo patches
splotched into his jeans
but now his job is to tell other what to do
to make sure no one screws the mixtures up
Even though his work is harmless
Chemistry is a delicate process
whether you want sweet soap
or a cheap explosion.

So whether it was a blade
or a fingertip
that I reached out my own to meet,
do not be afraid to mark and
perhaps we need a new standard of beauty.


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