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Your primary fascination is MYSTIQUE. (Nicely done, you.) Even without realizing it, you’re already instinctively applying this trigger when trying to persuade others. Your secondary trigger is ALARM, and your dormant trigger (the one you’re least likely to apply in your personality and behavior) is POWER.

If mystique is your primary trigger, you’re intriguing. Very. You make people curious to learn more because you reveal personal information carefully, if at all. People want to find out what makes you tick.

Mystique sparks an intense desire to know more, hinting at possibilities without putting it all on the table. By activating this trigger, you entice people to seek out more about your message.

Topics with mystique become discussed and debated, as people work to gather more information: from suspense thrillers, to stock market predictions, to the origin of the Universe. And you, my friend, are no exception.

On the downside, because you reveal so little, people might have trouble knowing what you’re thinking and feeling, which can come across as cold. You might benefit from sharing your ideas more openly, and giving people more ways to engage with you. Just be sure to avoid sneakiness or mind games.

Curious about your natural ability to make others curious? Mystique is delicate balance to be sure, but once achieved, you’re nothing short of mesmerizing.


The sight of blood. An unexpected phone call in the middle of the night. Losing sight of your child in a crowd. These things instantly create a sense of urgency, or even panic, forcing us to act now. Now! Now! Now!

Unlike other triggers, which have fairly consistent traits in one’s personality, alarm is different. This trigger can show up in your personality in one of two ways: you’re either responsive to alarm, or, you create alarm in others.

If you’re responsive to alarm: You’re extremely sensitive to demands in your environment, and focus on ways to avoid conflict. You’re highly attuned to the expectations of others. Deadlines make you more productive, and demands push you to achieve more. You work hard to avoid experiencing unpleasant surprises. You’re probably also using the trust trigger to send consistent, uncontroversial messages.

If you create alarm in others: You have high expectations, and use your authority to achieve your means. You’re not afraid to establish consequences for poor results. Most likely, you’re most combining power or prestige with this trigger, to heighten performance of those around you.

Fedex uses alarm (“When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight!”), and so does QVC (“Call now before we’re sold out!). When used as a solo trigger, alarm can be too extreme for everyday use. However in combination with any of the other triggers, it can prod your message with intensity, and urgency.


Power is all about control, and control isn’t something you’re quite comfortable with. That’s okay. People with a dormant power trigger are often great listeners, strong supporters, and wonderful friends.

Power commands people to pay attention by exerting some form of influence, so you might be missing out on some opportunities to distinguish yourself, especially at work. If you can increase your use of this trigger, your messages will earn greater respect, and a bigger, more loyal audience.

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