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So, imagine you were me yesterday and had a horrid headache. It was the kind you wake up with, starts to go away, and comes back around dinnertime with a vengeance. However, after taking some tylenol (seeing as the aspirin earlier didn't do much good) and drinking about three glasses of water and my dad had done this wonderful massage-y thing to my scalp I was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the headache to go away. I could tell it was. I was sitting clamly, focusing on my breathing because anything else would make it owrse and not better. And, since this process is kind of like meditation, my mind decided to narrate what it was noticing. I found the results somewhat fascinating.

I noticed that my glass of water, my glasses, and the tylenol bottle were all in this nice diagonal line. It's what artists refer to as an alignment, and that's what I called it because I had taken drawing first semester and learned all about them. The line from these three things then met up with one of the candleholders in the advent wreath. I couldn't tell whether or not it lined up with the corner of a stack of paper, because my glasses were off and I wasn't up to really trying to draw lines just yet. My head still hurt a bit.

I followed the alignment back and forth a while, appreciated how my glasses made a nice square shape because the part that goes over the  ears wasn't folded in. The diagonal line cut through the square not perfectly centered, but basically from the left lense to the right tip on the other side. Then I focused on the stack of paper which may or may not line up with this, and it bothered me because I'm an artistic person and my head hurt. It didn't really look like it lined up from where I was sitting, with my head in my hands, but I wasn't aout to move. Then I looked more closely (rather, as closely as I could at the moment) at the papers. They weren't stacked straight and one of the corners was bent, so I figured depending on where you were one of those corners would line up with something else on the table. I didn't try to imagine it, but I theorized that if I moved, maybe stood up and looked over the table, the corner that was bothering me might line up.

And then, because this kind of lucid thinking always comes with a revelation, I had a revelation. Alignments in real life are completely arbitrary. (No duh, you say. They're imaginary lines in the first place. Remeber I had a nasty headache at the time, okay?) An alignment could cease to exist in real life if I moved and look at the room from a different perspective. Movement removes alignments and reveals new ones. Alignments only really exist in pictures, because you can't change perspective in a picture. Sure, you could imagine quite clearly how things might look, but it'd be a completely different picture, and the alignments that held it together before would be gone.

By this point my headache was clearing and my need for semi-meditative breathing was much less, which meant that my train of thought was going to switch back to normal soon. For some reason I made a brief detour and thought a bit about the shape of out vision. I believe it's an oval. I've actually wondered about it before, because we see things within that oval of our vision but we so often put boxes around things that, by necessity, cut off part of that oval. I'm sure there's something art and psychology can or have pulled out of that.

Anyway, my final tohugh on alignments was that I much prefer and notice diagonal alignments, like the edge of the christmas tree on our fridge. Horizontal and vertical lines, and even things that are diagonal because of perspective that would be straight if you looked at them head-on don't interest me as much. I use them, and I suppose I like things that have them, but I'm drawn to lines that inherently aren't straight.

Then my headache was gone, and this bit of madness ended. I should finish cleaning my room. I should eat dinner soon too.
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I feel the need to write something. So why am I writing it here? Because I got sidetracked by reading, and so the urge to write write has dwindled down to... this.
Perhaps a combination of standing in Chicago's nototorius heat waiting for Belmont's notorius bus and yesterdays stroms has gotten to my brain. Standing next to an open door when lightning strikes less than half a mile away tends to frazzle one's synapses. It took a good five minutes for my heartbeat to approach normal and my brian didn't funtion properly the rest of the day. It was quite an interesting experiance.
We lost power too, for about ten minutes. (It was only my block and there we no downed lines, so I'm not really sure what happened).

And about an hour ago I was listening to music and the Entertainer came on, making me want to learn to play it on my clarinet. I remember when ice cream trucks still played that. Now they just play some mutilated version of "Do Your Ears Hang Low" or somesuch with really scary singing and fake claps and animal sounds. That is more frightening than the lightning.


I've been working on art and stuff, gotten some really random ideas. And I've been thinking about going to WindyCon. The theme of which is steampunk, and, seeing as my dad's been getting on my back about putting art in art shows, I thought I should try to draw some steampunk to fit the theme. The problem is that it's very different from what I normally draw and has LOTS of DETAILS. The sort of details I fail at (figuratively speaking). That and I know relatively little about it, which makes drawing it HARD.

But other than that relativley little has happened. I finally went out and bout Monty Python and the Holy Grail, along with August Rush which we started watching on the band trip but never finished.

... Perhaps I need to have a talk with a manatee and a purple squirrel. That should get my creative juices flowing. Or something.
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 Well. Friday was an incredibly good day. It was one of those days where you wake up and just have that light, happy feeling, which proves to forshadow the entire day. Even when I stayed up to finish my english essay on the Scarlet Letter, because my teacher gave us an extension. So it was done already and I didn't have to worry about it... And Thursday I had a field trip. So, I've been in a good mood.

But yesterday, I finally went out and got myself (technically my dad got it but I can pay him back, so it's MINE)... *drumroll please*
A TABLET! And dang, is it niiice. Even though it's a cheap one, it's niiiiice. Wacom, I luffs you.  Just so you know.


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