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But hey, yesterday wasn't.

Yesterday was my seventeenth birthday, which, compared to certain other landmarks far in the future is wildly insignificant, it is a birthday nonetheless.
My horoscope was incredibly good. Not that I'm inclined to believe the dinky newspaper horoscopes, but it's nice to see. My friend Hayley is still here and will be for another few days. I REALLY don't want her to go back to Vegas. Really, really don't. But sadly she has only the rest of this week here in Chicago. I owe her a lot- only yesterday, helping me put up streamers (why not?) that she informed me they taste very salty. This later resulted in an incident where I was laughing so hard I literally could not breathe. Well, actually it was more like I started laughing and then I didn't breathe back in. We were also vamped up on cake and soda.

I have actually gotten something done in that I completely redid my first chapter/intro to Stormballad. Somehow it is still very short, despite turning it all pretty, but at least it has some substance now. I think I found a style that's not overly flowery but finally get the description I want out of things. Thank you for writing [livejournal.com profile] smokingguncafe Sunny Disposish. That and I've taken to reading the first sentance or paragraph in all my favorite books to get a feel for that initial start for a story. Hopefully through the school year I can keep up marginally with Stormballad, in the sense that I won't have left it in a mental drawer.

I got my schedule (FINALLY) but two classes and my studies STILL aren't scheduled. Ugh. Something is taking painfully long st school this summer. Maybe because they, I believe, laid off a number of people and similar things.

So. I have a busy weekend ahead- my dad convinced me to go visit Beloit college saturday and I'm helping with a picninc sunday. Somewhere in there is a visit to my aunt's house. August 8th I'm taking some people to the bristol renaissance faire (and I found out a friend of mine has been meaning to go but never has. He was very excited when I mentioned it to him)... and then I think I have (eeeeeewww) band camp.

The days are long, but the weeks ahead look dreadfully short from here.


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