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So I had I dream this morning that I was Bertie Wooster. I (he) was upset about something. I (he) was in the process of getting badly drunk when I woke up. O_o. I don't know. I really don't know. But I sorta want to write this now... All I know is that it was a really bad day for Bertie, possibly because one or both of his parents died, and that he went to the Drones before going out to drown his sorrows and there was something about Tuppy. What?

And I'm coming down with a cold. Which is giving me an excuse to drink copious amounts of tea. I like tea. However, it is also making me tired and worried about getting other people sick and stuff.

Stuff. I really don't want to do anything.

Finished Native Son and started Heart of Darkness for english. HoD is short, at least. And we don't have to take notes, which I find MUCH easier. I didn't like Native Son much. Something about the style prevented me from getting into it. I suppose it doesn't help that I skipped about half of book two XD.

Aside from school, I got a kindle for Christmas. I think what's really cool is that the old stuff that's not really copyrighted anymore can be downloaded for a buck. So far I have a set of two Jeeves books and the complete works of Oscar Wilde on there. Maybe I'll download the entire Sherlock Holmes collection next :D. And can I say I LOVE Wodehouse? Because I do. He makes me laugh. And I'm not an expressive reader, but reading about Bertie I find myself giggling. A lot. I suppose that, combined with reading through the indeed_sir archives, may have contributed to the dream this morning...

Anyway. Debating whether to do my psychology journal or watch some Kingdom. Found the wonderful show on youtube and I think I'm in love.
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So. Hello again, little LJ. It's not that I haven't been checking, I just haven't had time to post. Been busy with school, mostly. for some inane reason I'm in many honors classes and an AP class, for history. Ugh. But there should be a bit of a lull now.
Had to do a book review, and the book I ended up with was This Hallowed Ground, by Bruce Catton. It's about the American Civil War, and was surprisingly good. I liked the way it was written. And the end was... moving, I think is the word.  Caused a new bg for this thing, as well as a new subtitle. Yay, sorta.

My uncle was in from Ireland for another of my uncle's 80th birthday. Well, they'd be my great-uncles. So that and reading for history was the whole weekend. Not bad, good food. And cake :)

Er, and that's it, really. I should be going to Ireland over sppring break, but that's a while off yet. In the meantime, I have discovered this. Absolutely hilarious. And True Magic started re-uploading things.

Alright, so that's it.
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Seriously. Labor Day is every other day of the week, because school is labor. So is band, because -oh, yay- marching band. I'm sarcastic there... yesterday we had our first game, and the whole week I had to stay until 5 or so to practice for it. Bloody symphonic band, making me earn honors credit... Alright, it's not unbearable. But it aint easy, either. Still, playing Batman music and all of Mr. S's sense of humor makes up for it. Mostly. So my first week of school was sorta shot, as was saturday. And today I had to write an essay for US history. What drove me to take ap, I'm not sure. I spit out this essay in what, six hours, counting breaks and distractions and eating? So it's pretty crappy. I'm not in essay-writing-school mode yet.

Of course, there's tomorrow. But, that is the last day of the Bristol Renfaire, so I'm sorta busy. Now I just have to figure out how to finish my secind summer-reading book for teusday, and all will be good. Right.

My back is stiff from marching. I went to lie down on my side, and my whole back spasmed. Well, alright, mostly upper back, the muscles directly connected to my shoulders.

Bit about books and stuff )

So, after me being long-winded, here is something more amusing, and random:


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