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Pizza is food. And burritos are food.
I don't know who you are but that was amazing.

In other words: I love DucKon. Is fun. And I brought Reebie with, so it was more fun. Tough, I wasn't able to subject her to Turkish Star Wars... she got eaten by a vampire rp. But still. I fianlly learned how to play Zar, an epic card game similar to but more complicated and better than uno. I've watched them play it every con (read: four) I've been too and now I know what it is. I want to find that.

Not much else to say, other than that I enjoyed it. Yup. Went to some very nice writers workshops too.

Aaaand all I did today was make a vid. But that's beside the fact. Picked up Munchkin Booty and some books. WAthced the tesla coils and got a souvenier "burnt" disc. They even burned a laser disc. And they played the Doctor Who theme. My life is complete. Well, maybe not. But close.

And I built a blinkie but it's all spazzy. XD Fail. Oh well.
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Wow. DucKon was awsome. So, I shall start at the beginning... sorta...

Life is not complete untill you have heard Zelda being played by two huge electric capacitors (I think capacitors).

Enter the Tesla Coils. The Singing Tesla Coils. They also played Mario, 2001, Nutcracker, and Mortal Kombat. It's just so cool. And pretty. And then, one of the guys put on a basically chainmail suit and stood between them with various lightbulbs, CDs, neon tubes, a piece of glass that shattered, a 2x4 with a line of graphite, and a garden gnome (which sadly survived).

And then, the most hilariously bad movie in the world: Turkish Star Wars. This movie will destroy your brains cells, with certainty. It get it's name from the fact that the entire beginning space battles are composed of Star Wars IV clips cut and pasted together, without a cinescop lense so the death star is sorta egg-shaped. They also have lots of stock fotage of aurora borealis, egypt, and the inside of a church, which they used to explain Islam (which was led by the last prophet Muhammed to the Savior Jesus). It gets better.
The music comprises of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Battlestar Galactica, and Flash Gordon, and Star Trek incidentals. As one woman said, it's almost worth watching to play 'name that soundtrack'. She also pointed out that Turkey had very few, if any, copyright laws.
The mummies are made with toilet paper, and the monsters from shag carpet with felt claws. And everyone else wears cardboard, even the evil magician who looks like the guy from 300. I kept expecting him to say "This is SPARTAAAA!". The heroes crashed on a planet where everyone was poor except the Evil Magician, the chick with blonde hair, lipstick, and a miniskirt, and the Wise Old Man. They all die (covered in ketchup) to let said heroes escape and are alive and well to cheer the remaining one in the end. There is a training montage with rocks and dirt and a springboard just below camera: (look they stole from Jackie Chan too)
There is something about a sword and a brain which must be used to both thwart the Evil MAgician and save one of the suddenly 13 pieces of the earth. The sword is clearly made of cardboard and the blade resembles a hedge trimmer. And in the end, the hero flies away, in the Millennium Falcon. ???
Oh, but the best part was when they were explaining how a shield was buil around the earth using the power of "brain and will", and the enimies could not get through the brain shield because they had no brains.

I also went to a few useful things and got to see a lot of birds. And made a blinkie. All in all, a well spent weekend.


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