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Haha, what? An update? I do no jest.

Yeah. Last week was unfun in that I was sick for most of it. Some nasty cold strain that started with a horrid sore throat. Anyway. I'm all better now. I think I caught up with everything, mostly. I'm still way behind on Crime and Punishment.

Saturday I want to the American Indian Powwow at the UIC pavillion. Fun. Except, I'm realizing that me and crowds don't get along so well. They make me really tired. Then Monday I had off (YAY) so I hung out with some band people. I should hang out more often. It is good for me... and yet I so rarely do it. But it's official: I can say I have something of a social life now. Not a big one- I don't want a big one. But I have one.

Also, I have a pretty awesome principal. He was cool enough to get up in front of us and lead us in doing a roller coaster. It was hilarious. Basically what you do is to have a group of people imitate being on a roller coaster. It's pretty epic, in a vaguly dorky way. But I give him lots of credit for even attempting it with us. And we actually did it. This is an impressive feat.

So this week I am trying to just sorta keep going, not drown in C&P and not forget all of calculus. Ugh.

I have to thank my friend an insane amount for lending me seasons one and two of a show called... House. OMG. LOVE. Love, love, love. I just started season two. I am asking for as many season as people will get me for Christmas. The writing (at least, as much as I've seen, which isn't a WHOLE lot, but hey) is incredibly good. And I really love all the characters. It's just... good. Good like good as a power opposite evil, at least in caliber and quality.
And yes, I know Hugh Laurie is british. I first became aware of him because of [livejournal.com profile] smokingguncafe and all of Sunny Disposih's references to Wodehouse. I proceeded to find many episodes of Jeeves and Wooster. More love.

On a side note, I finally broke down and bought a copy of Panic at the Disco's Pretty. Odd. Another bit of love there.


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