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College, I suspect, eats up time and space.

It's been, what, two months, two and a half, since I left Chicago for the little town Galesburg and Knox College.  It feels like no time at all. It feels like forever. Coming home was at once exciting and strange.  I was one of the very last people in my suite to leave, so I basically had a whole day to myself.  It was that day that made me think (when I didn't have a headache, but that isn't important).

I have always been very fortunate in respect to making friends.  In fact, I don't really make them.  I find them.  Or maybe they find me, I haven't quite figured out how to describe it.  But I have never had trouble falling in with a good group of people who, for some reason or other, manage to look past my usual silence and think I'm not half bad.  I couldn't even tell you how the group of friends I refer to as my suitemates for simplicity's sake (we do all live in the same building, and even on the same floor except for one) got together. It was too long ago and it happened very fast.  We came to college, and we became friends, and that was that.  About two thirds of the way through the term we realized that though we considered ourselves good friends we really didn't know all that much about one another, and we wondered what would happen over breaks.  Some were worried our friendships might not hold.  I admitted it was a possibility, but I never really entertained the idea.  Call it optimism or instinct, I felt and feel that we were and will continue to be good friends, despite that fact that, admitedly, we really don't know each other very well.

That's not at all where I intended that to go but whatever.  They're important.  And I like my suitemates.  I suppose the only other solid group of friends I have is the fencing team, who are also wonderful as I've said before. then there are people in my classes who are kind of my friends, but I don't talk to them enough outside of class to put them firmly in the 'Friend' category.  I hope that will change, because they're pretty cool too.  Anyway.  I think what I was getting to was that college is going well, and I'm doing well, and I'm not sure what to make of the fact that I'm getting into adult-y things.

Well. I'm home now. And until January.  Having trimesters is pretty sweet.  I've already had one get-together with some old friends, and one crazy midnight-on-Black-Friday-morning raid on Walmart with another friend. We didn't even buy anything. We just went because, well, why not? It was fun and very very cold and we got to bother the people camped outside Best Buy. I've spent the --dear god, nearly a week now-- well, most of the time enjoying a not slow youtube and adding lots of music to my laptop. You only realize how much music you don't have until you can't get to it.

That's enough for now, I think. I have to change my moodtheme. I'm making some changes to a Holmes one but I was getting frustrated with photobucket so I haven't gotten back to it yet XD.


...and I have to take figure out what I'm doing for christmas presents. And what I'm saying for my gold award when I get it sunday. aaaahhh Why is there stuff to do?

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It occurs to me that I haven't posted anything for a while. It also occurs to me that I don't really do anything with my lj (other than stalk people, I mean) and that I don't really know why I feel the need to keep up a journal. Meh.

I'm getting ready to go to college. Buying decent clothes and things like an electric kettle so i can have TEA. Yup. Oh, and a laptop. But I've had it a while now. I'm mostly intrigued by college and the whole new experience stuff that goes with it. The rest of my feelings about it involved trepidation and nervousness, as I am shy and worry about how well I'll open up to people, and wondering what my roommate will be like. As I'm an only child, living permanently with another person will be new. I'm told I get along with other people well, and I must admit in highschool I fell into a group of friends fairly fast despite my utter lack of social skills.

My summer has been rather... haphazard? First there was the trip with my scout troop to Yellowstone, and then there was a period of quiet, and then my best friend Hayley came in from Nevada. She stayed with us for about a week, and she hopes to be back in what will be only a few days now. Of course, the first night she stayed at my house we got a horrid storm and the basement flooded (only a little, but a box of plaster ceramic molds got wet and they spent three days on the kitchen table drying). But I hope she can spend some more time here, because I love her to death. And, like I said, in this interim I've been slowly aquireing stuff for college. I have seen some people, actually, over the summer, which is not as common an occurence as it should be.

I have also completely screwed my sleeping schedule, which involves me staying up well into the morning. Urgh. I really don't need to be up so late/early. I mean, it's already 12:30. Damn you, internet, for existing. A side effect of this is that I have been thinking a lot (and burning my brain instead of catching up on reading all the books I want to read before school. I have until Labor Day weekend). Yet... right now I don't really know if anything I have to say is really worth putting down here. A second possible side effect is the fact that I've been having some really strange dreams. Like messed-up weird kind of strange. Unfortunately I've had so many I don't really remember any. But suffice it to say they were... I don't even know.

Heading up to the Ren Faire again sunday. Was shopping for aforementioned college stuff, stopped at Borders and, among other things, picked up the movie soundtrack for My Fair Lady. Which I love, even though Jeremy Brett's voice was dubbed. Anyway. I love the songs, no matter who sang them. Have been possibly and then not really been falling into further Holmes and Watson depravity, as well as having rediscovered King of Shadows Queen of Light, a fanfic for Neverwinter Nights 2. I do love that particular one, though that's really the only fanfic for that game I read. Re-finding the story also propmted me to play the game again, starting from scratch (again. Really, I need to cure my addiction of restarting games before I finish). Lesse. Alright, I've done some things. Went to seem the variety show for the RESCU foundation, which basically provides help to people like those who work at the Ren Faire and, being basically self-employed, have no insurance. The show was wonderful and hilarious and Hayley and I FREAKING LOVED IT. that is all. Fun times.

You know what? I need something to talk about. Other than my uninteresting life. Cheers.

No, here, have some love.
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Why, hello thar.

I've actually been... busy, lately? Of course, being busy has rather ruined my motivation to do homework, but I can still scrape by so for now that's okay. Lets put this in two parts.

1. Kairos. As I (somewhat regrettably) go to a catholic highschool, we have retreats. Seniors have a choice between the one day or going on Kairos, which is three days. I'd heard good things about it, so I thought I'd go. Now, some people say it was life changing. While I wouldn't go that far, I did have a really good time and I got to talk to people that I normally never talk to (like, people in my homeroom... Wait, I'm TALKING to people?!). It was incredibly fun and it put my in a letter-writing mood. Well, I forgot that the day after I got back I had to go to a wedding, which sorta killed the 'kai-high', but I think it's back. Or something. For anyone who has the chance to go on Kairos I would reccommend it. As long as you go with an open mind the very least you will do is have a good time. You might cry, you will certainly laugh. And I have a little poster with Sneezy on it. And the cool cross-thingy. And some new music. (score!)

2. Musical. I'm actually playing in a musical. I must be crazy (if that doesn't show it making a copy of the first part forthe  William Tell Overture will). One thing Guerin is know for is the spring musical, in fact, its why I know about Guerin, because I know people who went there and were in them, so every year we went to see them.

This year we're doing the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. I'm getting an inordinat amount of enjoyment from it. Aside from the fact that the musical itself is pretty hilarious, and despite some other people dropping out of the pit. We were supposed to have a flute and oboe and sax, but in the end there just wasn't enough time. But it needs a clarinet, so here I am, playing music that is a little beyond my reach. But I got the parts that really need to be there. And there are some other cool people in the pit with me.
 And I get to wear a bow-tie. *squee*

So there was the gradeschool performance and preview for the school Thursday, one show last night, and two today. Speaking of which, I better get going because I have to be presentable in about two hours and I haven't even showered yet. Eh-heh...

I will be singing these songs forever.
"Life is panda-monium!"
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Yeah. On break now, THANK GOD. I have...  something like 270 pages to read over break. But after Crime and Punishment, Native Son should be easy.

Only had two finals, both of which I passed, YAY! Things are better now. I'm no longer swamped with stuff. Starting tomorrow I will possibly start reading. I don't want to leave that to the last minute. I'm not one for making new years resolutions, but I think I resolve to keep on task for the rest of the school year.

There is snow on the ground, I got to put all our Disney ornaments on the tree, and got sucked into farmville on facebook. Oh! And the Christmas concert went well. we were a bit shaky with some things, but apparently we sounded good.

So. Over break, I plan to:
1. Read books one and two of Native Son, my only homework
2. Get some arts done. I open up photoshop yesterday and I was like 'ZOMG FAIL'. tablet skills are VERY dusty, but I need to do some pencil stuff too.
3. Get some writing done. I really need to work on this. I was avoiding it because of school, but now I can sit and relax and maybe make some progress SOMEwhere. Oh, my stories, how I have neglected you!
4. Hang out with people. Human contact is a good thing. I have, not just a day, but a sleepover already worked out, and at least two more things that will be at my house in the works. Yes. I need to see people.
5. Finish watching anf rewatch season two of House, which my friend kindly lent me. I also sorta put it down so I could get through the end of the semester, but now I can watch it again. Yay! I am loving this show.
6. Pick up the clarinet. Not that I really put it down or anything, it's just normally I leave it over break and then feel bed that I didn't practice. so that needs to be done.

Yeah, I think that sums it up. Happy holidays!

Oh... I have to see the orthodontist at some point, which means I've been wearing my retainer. Grrr. The problem is, my wisdom teeth have started to come in, so it doesn't fit properly BESIDES the fact that I havn't bee wearing it. Crap.
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According to the members of Bounding Main, that is. And, according to Odd's Bodkin:

Sometimes I speak like a pirate
Saying things like 'Arrr, ahoy there!'
But I am not really a pirate
I work at go to the Renaissance Faire!

Today marked the start of the Bristol renfaire- and I remember now how much I missed it. For opening day, it was quite full and ran smoothly, at least to an outsider's perspective. God, I love that place. I didn't go in garb this time because I was sort of in a rush this morning and couldn't find my pants. But I WILL be in garb next time, I'm almost certain. I should find a better pair of pants to go with the rest of my outfit...
But aside from that, and the fact that I have very little money (BEFORE I even went, which means no shiny pretties) it was an absolutely marvelous day. I met up with some friends of mine and wandered with them for the better part of the day. It's more fun that way.
I didn't see the spy today... perhaps he was hiding better? (considering last year he went around saying "I'm a spy!" that wouldn't be too hard)
And Broon won't be there untill the last two weekends, which is sad. But it's okay.
I actually sat with my dad and listened to some of the music. The musicians that work there are wonderful.

And did I mention I love the place? Because there are few like it. It will always make me happy. Even if drinks are insanely expensive. I just love the feel of the place.


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