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Why, hello thar.

I've actually been... busy, lately? Of course, being busy has rather ruined my motivation to do homework, but I can still scrape by so for now that's okay. Lets put this in two parts.

1. Kairos. As I (somewhat regrettably) go to a catholic highschool, we have retreats. Seniors have a choice between the one day or going on Kairos, which is three days. I'd heard good things about it, so I thought I'd go. Now, some people say it was life changing. While I wouldn't go that far, I did have a really good time and I got to talk to people that I normally never talk to (like, people in my homeroom... Wait, I'm TALKING to people?!). It was incredibly fun and it put my in a letter-writing mood. Well, I forgot that the day after I got back I had to go to a wedding, which sorta killed the 'kai-high', but I think it's back. Or something. For anyone who has the chance to go on Kairos I would reccommend it. As long as you go with an open mind the very least you will do is have a good time. You might cry, you will certainly laugh. And I have a little poster with Sneezy on it. And the cool cross-thingy. And some new music. (score!)

2. Musical. I'm actually playing in a musical. I must be crazy (if that doesn't show it making a copy of the first part forthe  William Tell Overture will). One thing Guerin is know for is the spring musical, in fact, its why I know about Guerin, because I know people who went there and were in them, so every year we went to see them.

This year we're doing the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. I'm getting an inordinat amount of enjoyment from it. Aside from the fact that the musical itself is pretty hilarious, and despite some other people dropping out of the pit. We were supposed to have a flute and oboe and sax, but in the end there just wasn't enough time. But it needs a clarinet, so here I am, playing music that is a little beyond my reach. But I got the parts that really need to be there. And there are some other cool people in the pit with me.
 And I get to wear a bow-tie. *squee*

So there was the gradeschool performance and preview for the school Thursday, one show last night, and two today. Speaking of which, I better get going because I have to be presentable in about two hours and I haven't even showered yet. Eh-heh...

I will be singing these songs forever.
"Life is panda-monium!"
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I feel the need to write something. So why am I writing it here? Because I got sidetracked by reading, and so the urge to write write has dwindled down to... this.
Perhaps a combination of standing in Chicago's nototorius heat waiting for Belmont's notorius bus and yesterdays stroms has gotten to my brain. Standing next to an open door when lightning strikes less than half a mile away tends to frazzle one's synapses. It took a good five minutes for my heartbeat to approach normal and my brian didn't funtion properly the rest of the day. It was quite an interesting experiance.
We lost power too, for about ten minutes. (It was only my block and there we no downed lines, so I'm not really sure what happened).

And about an hour ago I was listening to music and the Entertainer came on, making me want to learn to play it on my clarinet. I remember when ice cream trucks still played that. Now they just play some mutilated version of "Do Your Ears Hang Low" or somesuch with really scary singing and fake claps and animal sounds. That is more frightening than the lightning.


I've been working on art and stuff, gotten some really random ideas. And I've been thinking about going to WindyCon. The theme of which is steampunk, and, seeing as my dad's been getting on my back about putting art in art shows, I thought I should try to draw some steampunk to fit the theme. The problem is that it's very different from what I normally draw and has LOTS of DETAILS. The sort of details I fail at (figuratively speaking). That and I know relatively little about it, which makes drawing it HARD.

But other than that relativley little has happened. I finally went out and bout Monty Python and the Holy Grail, along with August Rush which we started watching on the band trip but never finished.

... Perhaps I need to have a talk with a manatee and a purple squirrel. That should get my creative juices flowing. Or something.


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