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 In light of the Robin Hood season finale... or maybe in it's darkness? I just had this idea- what was going through Guy's head at the end. As such, it has major spoilers.

Title: Embers
Rating: er, I don't really know what to do for this... PG PG13ish I think?
Characters: Guy, Marion. Not written in 1st person, but essentially from Guy's PoV
Warnings: Well, the obvious spoilers for the finale so if you haven't seen it you probably don't want to read it.
Disclaimer: Robin hood is not mine, nor are it's characters, dialog, ect. If it was, I wouldn't have to write this.

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 So I was bored in Geometry. Go figure.  (after writing this and looking at it, that was a bad pun, sorry)

We need to catch the pigeon
Catch the pigeon now
Robin seeks to warn the king
Catch the pigeon now
Sending notes with Lardner's ring
Catch the pigeon now

Sherrif sends his hawk to eat it
Free the pigeon now
But they sent another to it
Free the pigeon now
Robin is not yet defeated
Free the pigeon NOW!

...er, yeah.  I was REALLY bored. obviously.

Although I was thinking I should do someting like "Jingle bells, Sherrif smells..."
Maybe later. Maybe. But, I realized I didn't turn in my english paper to turnitin (site that checks for plagerism).  Ooooops. heheh. And I did alright with my chem presentation, I think. I hope. Blast. *crosses fingers*

Oh. Band. Band today was funny, because the director wasn't there. So we had this sub... But we managed to play the music without killing ourselves, even of laughter. I heard the drummers were making up instruments in the back. And the sub sort of let us play the music ourselves, mostly got confusing on the fermatas, cuts, and tempo changes, which our christmas music is riddled with. So....
Today was not all that bad. Actually, it is quite good because it is friday and I don't have to do anything tonight.
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I couldn't help it, really. Indiana Jonas. *smacks self*

And still there is homewotk I should be doing... Grrrrrr...


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