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1. Got a laptop. The screen is FREAKING HUGE. But... I think I can dig it. As I told my dad, now I have no excuse to not do art at college because I've got a gorgeous screen to do it on.
2. Still working on my gold award. Slowly but surely it is getting done, and while I'm not thrilled and the effort I'm putting into the art isn't the best, I don't hate it anymore. It's given me lots of time to listen to music, and I've discovered most of the new-ish music that I like is from british bands. Is that really a surprise? Nope.
3. Jeremy Brett. Oh, god, Jeremy Brett. I think I love you. My mission is to get as much of the Granada series of Sherlock Holmes before I go to college.
4. Speaking of which, I can now say that I've read the entire Holmes cannon. Now if only I could get hard copies of the books, and with the illutratinos, and not just on my kindle...
5. My girl scout troop took a really awesome trip out to Yellowstone National Park. It was fun, and, like all adventures, did have some misshaps along the way, but that of course is what makes these things memorable. It rained every day we were camping except the last one. Still, things worked out rather well. Yellowstone is a gorgeous and fascinating place. We also drove through a cloud and hiked a good three or so miles of trail-- at 10,000 ft, that is. It was the trail up to Medicine Wheel, an old Indian circle of stones on the very top of a mountain. Whether or not you care about its sacredness to the Indians, it is a very special place. The trail was covered in 5 feet of snow or more in some places, but the view alone was worth it. We also camped in the Badlands and stopped at the infamous Wall Drug. To cap it off we had dinner our last night at a chinese buffet and had one of the most hilarious conversations I can ever recall. Bad jokes insued.
6. My friend Hayley is back in Chicago and will me staying with me come friday. It fills me to no end with joy, because I've missed her so much. Yay!
7. I need to figure out what classes I'm taking fall semester. I've got my roommate,b and we need to figure out who's bringing what. Oh, college. Holy crap, I'm going to college!
8. Jeremy Brett. Sherlock Holmes. David Burke. Jeremy Brett.
9. My birthday is next week?! I'll be 18. I'll be legal. When did that happen?
10. Oh, lord, I need to get some writing done. And art. God, I need to figure out how to draw people. Now.
11. Toy Story. Made me cry. I'm not ashamed to admit it, because I freaking love that movie and I need desperately to see it again. My friends dragged me to see Eclipse (and I feel horribel even capitalizing the word) and it made me laugh.
12. Jeremy Brett

Oh, summer, I love you but I do not love you in Chicago, where you are unbearably hot and humid.
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Ah. Hello. Nice to see the old journal again. I've been sorta busy for a number of reasons. New... thingy.

First: I graduated! WOOOOHOOOOO I'm done with highschool!!!!! It's all... over. Heck, I even gave a speech, which I'm told was really good. All I know is that everyone, even people I wouldn't expect, were complimenting me on it, I made two teachers incredibly happy for mentioning things from their classes (integrals and Thomas Jefferson) and I made my band teacher cry. It wasn't a long speech, and I began and ended with Tolkien. I'm going to miss highschool and all the friends I've made, and ESPECIALLY band. God, I miss band already. But it was fun, and now we can look to college. I also have an epically long summer because it was a catholic highschool and I'm going to Knox, which starts Labor Day weekend. No school until september! Time to read and write and draw and... yeah.

Second: In the midst of that and for the week after my time was eaten up by the wake and funeral and stuff for my aunt. So that wasn't so good. But she had cancer that came back, and... it was bad. I got to see her actually not long before she died and it was better for it to be sooner rather than later, with all the pain she was in. A lot of people were really supportive, but I think seeing her was harder than the funeral. A deathbed is harrowing, and I really don't want to see that again. She's off somewhere else though, somewhere better, and I'll miss her. But she above all love having fun, and it's hard for be to be sad for too long about a life so fully lived.

Third: My scout trip to Yellowstone is coming up is a little over a week. Should be lots of fun... if a bit crowded at times. But I've known the other girls in my troop for a long time, and I know it will be epic. It'll be just about two weeks.

Fourth: ... Urgh. I'm supposed to be working on my Gold award. ideally it would have been done, like, a month ago, but I put it down in light of school craziness and stuff. Right now the target is to have it done by the 18th, because that's when we leave and then I could take it with me. But... god. When I think about it I get this empty pit in my stomach. I don't want to do it. I simply don't. I have no motivation. The noodle has been overcooked, it's almost mush. It's like... I can't help myself, like some sort of deep instinctual terror at actually getting down and doing this thing. Some part of my brain won't budge, and I can't seem to get anything done, and I don't want to and I don't care. I'm not sure I ever did. But I have at least one parent absolutely hounding me about it, and I don't know how to explain this mental block. I know, I do feel guilty that I'm practically running away from something I probably can accomplish, but the only reason I continue to feel that is because it keeps getting brought up. Otherwise I would move on and be happy. But no, it's something I need to do. I don't want the blasted thing. I never really did. Augh.

Hm. Gotta go to the doctor tomorrow to get a checkup for the trip. Not-so-fun. Got a new retainer that fits, but gives me a lisp. Also am reading Alberta as 'Al-BEAR-ta' instead of 'Al-BER-ta'. God, I'm turning british.
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With Scouts, at Starved Rock, specifically:

1. Knives are sharp.
2. Two days of sucessive layers of sunscreen and bugspray make you feel real cruddy.
3. Showers, therefore, feel nice when you get home.
4. Water is very important. So is shade, and a breeze.
5. Water is also very powerful. Like the sun.

Ect, ect. It wasn't the best, but it was the first tent camping I've been able to go on for a few years. It was just reeeally hot, and being as white as I am, I don't do hot. It gives me headaches. But it was still pretty good. My mom put me in a tent with this one younger girl who had never been anything like tent camping before... and she liked talking. And she hated bugs. But she made it.

Yeah... about 1... I was cutting onions one morning for breakfast, to go with eggs. Well, the knife slipped and the onion rolled. I have two nice cuts on the middle and ring fingers of my left hand now. Thankfully they weren't too bad or anything. Just not the best way to start a long, warm day.

And we didn't have time to go back and get fudge to bring home. It makes me sad. :(

But, I have tomorrow off, so... I have to write and essay. But, being ans essay, it only has to be five paragraphs. So nothing major. And I left the Dubliners in my locker. So I can't read that anyway. Sparknotes.

It's getting to be the end of the school year, and looking forward to summer always gets me thinking. This year especially about the seniors who won't be back next year, and the fact that I will be a senior... The seniors I will miss so much, especially the ones in band. I actually know them, so... the thought of them leaving is kinda depressing. I am definitely having a band apples to apples party. And a few other apples atoapples parties. And something for Munchkin. And I was going to look into gettting a job, but I may be a bit late for that now...  Eh. More time for writing and art and stuff. Right?
Anyway. Enough of that, I should proably be heading off to sleep so I might be awake on teusday. 

And! Egyptian Rat is still around. I forgot how fun that game is. (of course, it just makes me think of seventh and eighth grade...)
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So. Best girl scout meeting EVAR. While discussing ways to improve the community (not to do anything. The activity was to think about it) we decided that an idea sometimes mentioned before in passing would actually be totally AWESOME and completely practical.

the Girl Scout Mafia.
Underground cookie network- part of which would be set up as a bail fund for one girl who said she would need it
Power in the neighborhood so we could get stuff done (like the improvments we had to talk about)
Influence over the kids- A Girl Scout feeder program!
And so on and so on.

We also realized that if the politicians were kicked out and our troop instituted in the White House, we could get a whole cra[load of stuff done  in, like, two days. Everything managed to relate back to the GS Mafia.

Today we had/have realy short classes to finish some stuf for our schedules fofr next year- senior year (HOLYCRAP). Tomorrow we get out at 11:30 or something because of some ACT thing (bleh) and a buch of people are coming to my house to work on a brit lit project, and then play Apples to Apples.

So yeah, got through two crazy weekends and things are pretty good now. Got an A on my paper (ZOMGYaY) and have a band concert next week.  RIght now I'm sitting in a desk waiting to be dismissed. We have to wait for everyone to be done, I think.

And I'm going to Duckon in June and thinking about putting some stuff in the art show. Yah. Is good. Now I shall go read Invisible Man for US History.


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