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Well. Back from Capricon. Spent monday sorting boxes an pulling out orders of cookies. Spent yesterday with a splitting headache. Didn't go to school today. Ergh. Also got some rather sad news after school yesterday about a friend's mom. I have decided that yesterday was dedicated to world suck.

So today is devoted to doing all the homework I didn't get done yesterday because I was either sleeping or thinking I would throw up. Not that anyone really needed to know that. I've got a crapload of stuff to do. I think.

Well, Capricon was fun, at least. And I don't think I actually have classes tomorrow. So I've just gotta actually do my work and things will be in a much better state. Nothing but to hunker down and get it done with.

'Tis best done quickly.

Aaand crap State of the Art is saturday. Performance time: 9:30 or something. Leave school by 7:15. Joy. And a game the night before.
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So I had I dream this morning that I was Bertie Wooster. I (he) was upset about something. I (he) was in the process of getting badly drunk when I woke up. O_o. I don't know. I really don't know. But I sorta want to write this now... All I know is that it was a really bad day for Bertie, possibly because one or both of his parents died, and that he went to the Drones before going out to drown his sorrows and there was something about Tuppy. What?

And I'm coming down with a cold. Which is giving me an excuse to drink copious amounts of tea. I like tea. However, it is also making me tired and worried about getting other people sick and stuff.

Stuff. I really don't want to do anything.

Finished Native Son and started Heart of Darkness for english. HoD is short, at least. And we don't have to take notes, which I find MUCH easier. I didn't like Native Son much. Something about the style prevented me from getting into it. I suppose it doesn't help that I skipped about half of book two XD.

Aside from school, I got a kindle for Christmas. I think what's really cool is that the old stuff that's not really copyrighted anymore can be downloaded for a buck. So far I have a set of two Jeeves books and the complete works of Oscar Wilde on there. Maybe I'll download the entire Sherlock Holmes collection next :D. And can I say I LOVE Wodehouse? Because I do. He makes me laugh. And I'm not an expressive reader, but reading about Bertie I find myself giggling. A lot. I suppose that, combined with reading through the indeed_sir archives, may have contributed to the dream this morning...

Anyway. Debating whether to do my psychology journal or watch some Kingdom. Found the wonderful show on youtube and I think I'm in love.


Jan. 31st, 2008 05:09 pm
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You know, I hate being sick. I really, really do. Even when you get out of school (well, unless we get a snowday tomorrow, then it might be worth it).

I don't know what I had, but I think it's mostly gone now. 12 hour thing. That I got from a one-year-old. So, you know, I woke up at like 2:30 in the morning, and I felt wierd. But I went back to sleep, cause I didn't feel sick. Then I woke up an hour later and barely made it to the bathroom... and then I was throwing up about once an hour. Dry heaves are nasty. I actulally had some water so I wasn't just coughing up bile. That tasted worse than the remnants of my orange flavored drink from lunch yesterday. And it's a disgusting yellow color.

And my mom had it too, though I had it worse. So we spent the day lying on the couch, covered in blankets, going between sleeping and watching tv. I actually watched magic school bus... with a complete rip-off scene of star trek. And then I watched a pinky and the brain rip off of the 3 stooges. Those shows are genius.

But I feel a little better now, I managed to eat something. We'll see what happens.

*pleasepleaseplease let there be a snow day tomorrow*
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So, yes, I hate being sick.  I spent my precious three-day weekend sick.  I think it was some hyper-mutant cold that compressed most of it's normal 2-week attack into that three day period.  I'm mostly better now.  Still have a blasted residual cough and some congestion.  

Eric cut his hair.  I can't believe he cut his hair.  It was all so beautiful and shmexy... and he cut it.  It's all short.  I suppose you can see his ears now, but... I didn't recognise him this morning. *edit* Actually, he looks like a girl now... */edit*

 Moving on... let's see... A bunch of people wern't in school yesterday.  And still today.  Something is going around.  One of Fran's kids had diagnosed influenza.  I mean, they actually had influenza.  So the flu is going around.  Lucky us.

But on people not in school, Veronica hasn't been there for 2 days.  People are starting to spread rumors and crap.  I miss her.  Math is so silent without her.


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