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Well. Well well well. College. Uni, to those in the British Isles. I like Knox so far. Granted, I've only had a full week of classes. I haven't even had a proper paper to write yet. But I like it here.

Move-in was September 4th. Moved in (obviously), met my roommate and suite mates and floor mates. See, only one building at Knox has traditional dorm-style dorms, and that's all guys anyway. Pretty much everything else (except the houses and the few apartments) are suite-style. So we have five doubles and one single room, and a common room. We get to the other suite by going through a door in the bathroom (yeah I know. bit weird. but it works). But things are working our really well in terms of housing and living. Food is decent. The cereal and dessert stuff, however, is AWESOME.

Anyway, us freshman had a week of orientation, ending in Pumphandle on Friday when most of the upperclassmen had moved in as well. Basically you shake hands with everybody. Everybody. All the teachers and faculty people, and all the students who can make it. Orientation was for the most part pretty fun. 

It feels like I've been here a lot longer. But I'm managing to make friends. I should know by now that I really don't need to worry about friends because I always seem to miraculously fall into a good group.

We already have a wall of quotes stuck onto a wall of the common room. And now, I shall tell a story about how college is indeed college, and people in college are, well... as crazy as tehy say. There was a blacklight party going on in one of the buildings. We (my group of friends, being my room, the room across from ours, and some people from through the bathroom) were just sort of sitting in our common room, finishing a game of Apples to Apples. Suddenly, we hear lots of noise, and three guys (one shirtless XD ) charge through our bathroom and wander around shouting. They say hello and generally act crazy. One finished the cold tea in my mug. They started reading all the quotes on our wall, very loudly, some more than once. One of guys scribbled herpes on a bunch of them. So basically they were getting up to some shennanigins and causing us to laugh as loud as they were yelling, and telling us to have a good time (oh, and that we should remind the other suite to lock their door), when two guys from campus security came in because some people had called about them. So they left and we headed to see the blacklight party.

College is some crazy shit, man. But I love it. Now for academics (no, I'm not about to tell every detail of my social life. No one wants to  hear it and I don't tell it well anyway). I'm taking drawing and German this semester, as well as FP (freshman preceptorial), which is required. FP is basically a critical thinking/discussion/writing course. We have to read a lot, current in my class Dignity of Difference by Sacks. I don't like it. It's very dry, and not in they dry humor sense but dry in the redundant and boring sense. But hopefully we won't be reading it for too long. German is fun, though currently a bit daunting as it's an immersion class. But I'm getting the hang of it. And draing is very fun. We're workign with charcoal, a new experience for me and one I'm finding to my liking, once I accept that things are big and bold with it, opposite my usual pencil mode. The only drawback is I leave that two-period class feeling like a chimney sweep. I'm covered in black XD

So. College. Fun. I hope people all over are enjoying life right now. Because you know what? Life is awesome sometimes.
Laugh the night away.

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Apr. 27th, 2009 03:20 pm
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Also known as "Wanting to do a trip report but not wanting to go though the bother of uploadin all those pics"

It's coming, I promise. On that note, what is a good site for that? A, well, free site, of course. Where I can post small versions of the pic here that can link or something to the full size. After all, I took my dad's camera which takes LARGE pictures.

Other that that... prom is friday... and I'm going... Band trip is the week after that. I have a physics field trip to Great America on thursday, band trip friday to sunday. And we go to an amusement park for the band trip. And I'm not a roller coaster person. Oh, universe, how you mock me so...

Prom should be interesting.
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Seriously. Labor Day is every other day of the week, because school is labor. So is band, because -oh, yay- marching band. I'm sarcastic there... yesterday we had our first game, and the whole week I had to stay until 5 or so to practice for it. Bloody symphonic band, making me earn honors credit... Alright, it's not unbearable. But it aint easy, either. Still, playing Batman music and all of Mr. S's sense of humor makes up for it. Mostly. So my first week of school was sorta shot, as was saturday. And today I had to write an essay for US history. What drove me to take ap, I'm not sure. I spit out this essay in what, six hours, counting breaks and distractions and eating? So it's pretty crappy. I'm not in essay-writing-school mode yet.

Of course, there's tomorrow. But, that is the last day of the Bristol Renfaire, so I'm sorta busy. Now I just have to figure out how to finish my secind summer-reading book for teusday, and all will be good. Right.

My back is stiff from marching. I went to lie down on my side, and my whole back spasmed. Well, alright, mostly upper back, the muscles directly connected to my shoulders.

Bit about books and stuff )

So, after me being long-winded, here is something more amusing, and random:


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