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Eh. I have school tomorrow. :( Do not want. Oh well.
Senior year and all that. Can't be too bad.

Thankfully my schedule is not the unsheduled mess it was when I forst got it. Only one realy dissapoinment- I can't take music theory. It's a shame, because I REALLY wanted to take it. But it's in the same time slot as my gov class, and is all year. And Nobody else's schedule can be changed raelly to justify offereing it twice.
But, I now have psyc and a sort of engineering class, as well as art! They have a good art program, but (mostly because of band) I could never work it in. So now I finally can take art. ...Art fundamentals... but seeing as I never really got that anyway it can't hurt.

In other news I went to both the dentist AND the orthodontist today. I think all that poking around in my mouth may be why I got a headache, which is NOT the way to spend the last true day of summer vacation. But at least my teeth are doing well, all things considered. So we went and got girl scout blizzards from DQ. Have to support your own, after all.

In other other news, I have found a new favorite show to dote on: M*A*S*H. Yes. It's older than my time, but it's a damn good show. I luffs it. So many good lines.

And now I am tired. I was going to take a shower, but I took one this morning so I don't really need it. My head still feels kinda fuzzy and I do *sigh* have to get up tomorrow. And eat a normal breakfast. And stuff.

Hey, going back to school mean I get my laptop.


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