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I've been sorta 'meh' lately. I've been off. I think I'm starting to feel better now.

But in other news: I made my first college visit monday.  Went to visit Knox, which is a somewhat small college in the definitely small town of Galesburg. But I liked it. It was cool, and the two words I would use to describe it are 'open' and 'dynamic'.  Dynamic because they are very open to change and encourage it. There's energy there.  Open because, well... people are open. Rooms are open. Teachers are open.
   And I got to sit in the same chair as Abraham Lincoln- before he was president. That was cool. Lots of history there.
I like the feel of thte place. Of course, it's a private college and expensive... but they also give away lots of money.  Things to think about.  Now I need some other choices. But I think Knox is definitely one of them.

And today we had a really short schedule so we could watch the inauguration. Which was sorta long, but hey. He made a good speech. And the guy at the end was funny.
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So, I have no school today.


That's because I hade a half day yesterday adn I got my report card
(yech...well, actually it was all A's and B's so mes happy.)

So now I sit in front of my computer wasting time *YaY*

Ugh... I just remembered I have to finish Great Expectations for Monday... That book is almost as bad as LOTR.  Not that LOTR is bad, it just takes forever to read because Tolkein describes every blade of grass...
So yeah.  But I'm better off than most of teh people in my class, I'm on like chapter 43.  Brenna is only on 17...  I feel sorry for them.

"I... I shot... the Sherrif...
"No, but you shot the deputy."

God, BBC America's Robin Hood is soo... what's the word I'm looking for?  Campy?  Maybe, maybe not.  But still good. *loves the british*


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