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It occurs to me that I haven't posted anything for a while. It also occurs to me that I don't really do anything with my lj (other than stalk people, I mean) and that I don't really know why I feel the need to keep up a journal. Meh.

I'm getting ready to go to college. Buying decent clothes and things like an electric kettle so i can have TEA. Yup. Oh, and a laptop. But I've had it a while now. I'm mostly intrigued by college and the whole new experience stuff that goes with it. The rest of my feelings about it involved trepidation and nervousness, as I am shy and worry about how well I'll open up to people, and wondering what my roommate will be like. As I'm an only child, living permanently with another person will be new. I'm told I get along with other people well, and I must admit in highschool I fell into a group of friends fairly fast despite my utter lack of social skills.

My summer has been rather... haphazard? First there was the trip with my scout troop to Yellowstone, and then there was a period of quiet, and then my best friend Hayley came in from Nevada. She stayed with us for about a week, and she hopes to be back in what will be only a few days now. Of course, the first night she stayed at my house we got a horrid storm and the basement flooded (only a little, but a box of plaster ceramic molds got wet and they spent three days on the kitchen table drying). But I hope she can spend some more time here, because I love her to death. And, like I said, in this interim I've been slowly aquireing stuff for college. I have seen some people, actually, over the summer, which is not as common an occurence as it should be.

I have also completely screwed my sleeping schedule, which involves me staying up well into the morning. Urgh. I really don't need to be up so late/early. I mean, it's already 12:30. Damn you, internet, for existing. A side effect of this is that I have been thinking a lot (and burning my brain instead of catching up on reading all the books I want to read before school. I have until Labor Day weekend). Yet... right now I don't really know if anything I have to say is really worth putting down here. A second possible side effect is the fact that I've been having some really strange dreams. Like messed-up weird kind of strange. Unfortunately I've had so many I don't really remember any. But suffice it to say they were... I don't even know.

Heading up to the Ren Faire again sunday. Was shopping for aforementioned college stuff, stopped at Borders and, among other things, picked up the movie soundtrack for My Fair Lady. Which I love, even though Jeremy Brett's voice was dubbed. Anyway. I love the songs, no matter who sang them. Have been possibly and then not really been falling into further Holmes and Watson depravity, as well as having rediscovered King of Shadows Queen of Light, a fanfic for Neverwinter Nights 2. I do love that particular one, though that's really the only fanfic for that game I read. Re-finding the story also propmted me to play the game again, starting from scratch (again. Really, I need to cure my addiction of restarting games before I finish). Lesse. Alright, I've done some things. Went to seem the variety show for the RESCU foundation, which basically provides help to people like those who work at the Ren Faire and, being basically self-employed, have no insurance. The show was wonderful and hilarious and Hayley and I FREAKING LOVED IT. that is all. Fun times.

You know what? I need something to talk about. Other than my uninteresting life. Cheers.

No, here, have some love.
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1. Got a laptop. The screen is FREAKING HUGE. But... I think I can dig it. As I told my dad, now I have no excuse to not do art at college because I've got a gorgeous screen to do it on.
2. Still working on my gold award. Slowly but surely it is getting done, and while I'm not thrilled and the effort I'm putting into the art isn't the best, I don't hate it anymore. It's given me lots of time to listen to music, and I've discovered most of the new-ish music that I like is from british bands. Is that really a surprise? Nope.
3. Jeremy Brett. Oh, god, Jeremy Brett. I think I love you. My mission is to get as much of the Granada series of Sherlock Holmes before I go to college.
4. Speaking of which, I can now say that I've read the entire Holmes cannon. Now if only I could get hard copies of the books, and with the illutratinos, and not just on my kindle...
5. My girl scout troop took a really awesome trip out to Yellowstone National Park. It was fun, and, like all adventures, did have some misshaps along the way, but that of course is what makes these things memorable. It rained every day we were camping except the last one. Still, things worked out rather well. Yellowstone is a gorgeous and fascinating place. We also drove through a cloud and hiked a good three or so miles of trail-- at 10,000 ft, that is. It was the trail up to Medicine Wheel, an old Indian circle of stones on the very top of a mountain. Whether or not you care about its sacredness to the Indians, it is a very special place. The trail was covered in 5 feet of snow or more in some places, but the view alone was worth it. We also camped in the Badlands and stopped at the infamous Wall Drug. To cap it off we had dinner our last night at a chinese buffet and had one of the most hilarious conversations I can ever recall. Bad jokes insued.
6. My friend Hayley is back in Chicago and will me staying with me come friday. It fills me to no end with joy, because I've missed her so much. Yay!
7. I need to figure out what classes I'm taking fall semester. I've got my roommate,b and we need to figure out who's bringing what. Oh, college. Holy crap, I'm going to college!
8. Jeremy Brett. Sherlock Holmes. David Burke. Jeremy Brett.
9. My birthday is next week?! I'll be 18. I'll be legal. When did that happen?
10. Oh, lord, I need to get some writing done. And art. God, I need to figure out how to draw people. Now.
11. Toy Story. Made me cry. I'm not ashamed to admit it, because I freaking love that movie and I need desperately to see it again. My friends dragged me to see Eclipse (and I feel horribel even capitalizing the word) and it made me laugh.
12. Jeremy Brett

Oh, summer, I love you but I do not love you in Chicago, where you are unbearably hot and humid.
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So I had I dream this morning that I was Bertie Wooster. I (he) was upset about something. I (he) was in the process of getting badly drunk when I woke up. O_o. I don't know. I really don't know. But I sorta want to write this now... All I know is that it was a really bad day for Bertie, possibly because one or both of his parents died, and that he went to the Drones before going out to drown his sorrows and there was something about Tuppy. What?

And I'm coming down with a cold. Which is giving me an excuse to drink copious amounts of tea. I like tea. However, it is also making me tired and worried about getting other people sick and stuff.

Stuff. I really don't want to do anything.

Finished Native Son and started Heart of Darkness for english. HoD is short, at least. And we don't have to take notes, which I find MUCH easier. I didn't like Native Son much. Something about the style prevented me from getting into it. I suppose it doesn't help that I skipped about half of book two XD.

Aside from school, I got a kindle for Christmas. I think what's really cool is that the old stuff that's not really copyrighted anymore can be downloaded for a buck. So far I have a set of two Jeeves books and the complete works of Oscar Wilde on there. Maybe I'll download the entire Sherlock Holmes collection next :D. And can I say I LOVE Wodehouse? Because I do. He makes me laugh. And I'm not an expressive reader, but reading about Bertie I find myself giggling. A lot. I suppose that, combined with reading through the indeed_sir archives, may have contributed to the dream this morning...

Anyway. Debating whether to do my psychology journal or watch some Kingdom. Found the wonderful show on youtube and I think I'm in love.
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Yeah. On break now, THANK GOD. I have...  something like 270 pages to read over break. But after Crime and Punishment, Native Son should be easy.

Only had two finals, both of which I passed, YAY! Things are better now. I'm no longer swamped with stuff. Starting tomorrow I will possibly start reading. I don't want to leave that to the last minute. I'm not one for making new years resolutions, but I think I resolve to keep on task for the rest of the school year.

There is snow on the ground, I got to put all our Disney ornaments on the tree, and got sucked into farmville on facebook. Oh! And the Christmas concert went well. we were a bit shaky with some things, but apparently we sounded good.

So. Over break, I plan to:
1. Read books one and two of Native Son, my only homework
2. Get some arts done. I open up photoshop yesterday and I was like 'ZOMG FAIL'. tablet skills are VERY dusty, but I need to do some pencil stuff too.
3. Get some writing done. I really need to work on this. I was avoiding it because of school, but now I can sit and relax and maybe make some progress SOMEwhere. Oh, my stories, how I have neglected you!
4. Hang out with people. Human contact is a good thing. I have, not just a day, but a sleepover already worked out, and at least two more things that will be at my house in the works. Yes. I need to see people.
5. Finish watching anf rewatch season two of House, which my friend kindly lent me. I also sorta put it down so I could get through the end of the semester, but now I can watch it again. Yay! I am loving this show.
6. Pick up the clarinet. Not that I really put it down or anything, it's just normally I leave it over break and then feel bed that I didn't practice. so that needs to be done.

Yeah, I think that sums it up. Happy holidays!

Oh... I have to see the orthodontist at some point, which means I've been wearing my retainer. Grrr. The problem is, my wisdom teeth have started to come in, so it doesn't fit properly BESIDES the fact that I havn't bee wearing it. Crap.
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So. This is really only going to be a bunch of random stuff.

First- I noticed yesterday that if I feel the need to be musical but don't really care how, I will immediately start singing "If I Were a Rich Man". Fiddler on the Roof ftw.

Second- I am feeling much better than the previous week. The various things that were pulling my mood down are settling and I seem to be back on the upswing, despite having to read Hamlet. This is a very good thing, as my bad mood was making me annoyed at myself for being in such a bad mood, making the bad mood worse.

Third- School continues to be mostly boring, but tolerable. Hamlet, of course, is not boring. My 'how-stuff-works' class, which I am in right now, is. It can be fun, but in between that it is somewhat dull. But hey, more time to waste in the internet. Band is fun, though  I seem to be channeling my section leader from last year in my somewhat sad music-reading ability. Will be doing marching today because there is a football game on friday. Debating whether to get my jacket for it or not, as...

Fourth- All of a sudden, it got chilly and windy. Like, really windy. The wind has been blowing constantly for a day and a half. Not that I mind because I'm not a summer heat person, but it's rather like someone flipped a switch. "Okay, let's make it fall now!" It's rained a bit, but mostly it's cloudy and crisp.

Fifth- Castle is back! Yay! And yay for girl scout cookies. I love this show :D
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Because I wasn't listening. I have been very lazy and not been paying much attention or thinking properly lately. My focus seems to have largely vanished for nearly a week now. Like, right now, I'm supposed to be working on designing a dorm room for my learning by design class. (It's sorta like engineering, I guess).

My lack of an attention span has been annoying. I think it's slightly better now, but it doesn't change my annoyance at having lost it for so long. Eugh.

I think part of it is that I haven't been sleeping the best lately. I've had some really weird dreams, for me. Like my grandmother was in one. Or dreams where I'm tired and exasperated IN THE DREAM. This should be a signal to my brain that I am tired and need restful sleep... but no. Last night was better. I still had a dream, but I don't remember what it was at all, I just know it was a bit more normal.
I highly suspect something was in the house.

My house has a design quirk in that there really aren't hallways (which are supposed to attract stuff). There's sorta one entering the house from the front door, and one that consists really of two squares of space that connects the living room, the bathroom and my room, the kitchen, and the door to the basement. There's sort of on upstairs. But this half hallway is pretty much the center of the house , and it's one of those places where you often catch a sense of movement out of the corner of your eye. Sometimes whe I'm in my room I feel like something is watching me from that spot. Whatever it is, it's not a bad presence, but it's not real good either. I dunno. But over the last week I'm noticed that movement a LOT more.

My mom has also mentioned to me that she's had some really weird dreams too. So it's not just me.

Anyway. On top of that, or maybe because of of it, I've been thinking of other things too and been feeling very introspective and stuff. Like why I create so many internal issues for myself and why I have to be so shy all the time.
Yeah. Having no energy and them feeling melancholy on top of it? Not fun.

That being said, I think I'm on the upswing now. it just wasn't very pleasant and it made school, well... rather hard. Eh. I do not like work. I do NOT like calculus. I hate calculus. It does not compute. That is all.
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Friends are wonderful things. Even if some of them are lame (or forgetful or things) sometimes, so are we all and they can be forgiven. I luffs them a lot, and it's important to actually SEE people you luff over the summer. And my friend who moved to Nevada a few years ago is visiting soon and staying at my house, so this is good. Friends make you feel better. Conversation and contact can do a lot.

The fourth was also, surprisingly, good. I was all excited with the kind of excitement a nine-year-old gets from watching fireworks. It was oddly uplifting. My house has a wonderful nice deck, so we went up there to watch the show, because we can see about four major school and park fireworks displays as well as anyone in the neighborhood who got stuff. On a slightly different note, the economy can't be that bad because our neighbors had some pretty nice stuff, and a lot of it. It was pretty... A rather delightful night. Which is nice because for the last few years it had been somewhat depressing.

Otherwise my summer has been relatively uneventful and unproductive. I got some good drawing done but that was mostly toward the beginning in teh 'Out of school w00t' rush. I've touched photoshop twice. I finally finished the first chapter of something I started fixing halfway through the school year. Um... I have been writing some of the time. And I have been reading A LOT. I reading, like, four books right now. I still can't find it in me to keep picking up Agincourt, though. Maybe I'm just not in the mood.

And I had a headache two days ago and again today that DOES NOT WANT to go away, which makes doing much of anything hard. Ugh. I hate headaches. It's not bad enough to turn me into a mindless drone but enough to make actually DOING something out of the question. And for once I'm fairly sure it's not because I'm dehydrated. *just wants it to stop* I already took a nap today and I don't want to take another because getting too much sleep does wierd things to me and may actually make it worse.

But really that is all. I feel somewhat pitiful.


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