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Yeah. On break now, THANK GOD. I have...  something like 270 pages to read over break. But after Crime and Punishment, Native Son should be easy.

Only had two finals, both of which I passed, YAY! Things are better now. I'm no longer swamped with stuff. Starting tomorrow I will possibly start reading. I don't want to leave that to the last minute. I'm not one for making new years resolutions, but I think I resolve to keep on task for the rest of the school year.

There is snow on the ground, I got to put all our Disney ornaments on the tree, and got sucked into farmville on facebook. Oh! And the Christmas concert went well. we were a bit shaky with some things, but apparently we sounded good.

So. Over break, I plan to:
1. Read books one and two of Native Son, my only homework
2. Get some arts done. I open up photoshop yesterday and I was like 'ZOMG FAIL'. tablet skills are VERY dusty, but I need to do some pencil stuff too.
3. Get some writing done. I really need to work on this. I was avoiding it because of school, but now I can sit and relax and maybe make some progress SOMEwhere. Oh, my stories, how I have neglected you!
4. Hang out with people. Human contact is a good thing. I have, not just a day, but a sleepover already worked out, and at least two more things that will be at my house in the works. Yes. I need to see people.
5. Finish watching anf rewatch season two of House, which my friend kindly lent me. I also sorta put it down so I could get through the end of the semester, but now I can watch it again. Yay! I am loving this show.
6. Pick up the clarinet. Not that I really put it down or anything, it's just normally I leave it over break and then feel bed that I didn't practice. so that needs to be done.

Yeah, I think that sums it up. Happy holidays!

Oh... I have to see the orthodontist at some point, which means I've been wearing my retainer. Grrr. The problem is, my wisdom teeth have started to come in, so it doesn't fit properly BESIDES the fact that I havn't bee wearing it. Crap.
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I am so incredibly excited I don't know where to begin. But... SNOW. DAY. TOMORROW. Which would have been my last and hardest final for US History. SoI have break to study, which means I actually will and do well on that blasted test.

But... I am now on break. Isorta just jumped crazily around the house. Maybe I'll go run around in the snow outside. Or something. But I'm so exci- Oh, wait, I said that already. I'm repeating myself. So I shall stop here and just say I'm really really happy.




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