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If I had to? Undoubtedly my clarinet. Now, maybe I'm biased as I've been on a music kick lately, but I don't think it's something I could live without. There is something so incredible about being able to play that marrying the thing which allows me to make music that it's probably about as close to wedded bliss as one can get without, y'know, actually being married to a person.

Come to think of it, (and any fellow band geeks will understand) there are actually a lot of parallels between one's instrument and one's love. You take care of it. You fix it. You're protective of it. It can become an extension of your very being. You can get annoyed with it, and you'll proably forgive it. You can leave it and come back to it. It requires a little effort to be harmonius.

Then again, being a young and inexperienced person, maybe I'm wrong :D But... that's my answer.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well, yes. You could say I'm in the process. Ever since about, what, sixth grade? The Catholicism I was born as never sat quite right with me, so... I still haven't found exactly where I'm going but I have some ideas.

I don't really see it as converting, though. I did have my first communion and all but I was never confirmed (that was my choice). I never promised to be Catholic, so I'm not really converting in my mind, just... moving off from what I was born with. That, and, I've come to believe that all religions/beliefs are just different ways of looking at whatever it is the divine... is.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]One af my friends plays softball and she had a game today, so she came to school with her elbow wrapped up and her arm in a sling. She had quite a few people convinced.

One a completely seperate note I herby renounce math. Particularly pre-calc.
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Eh, I lie somewhere between optimist and realist. I'm a bit too optimistic to be a realist, but I'm not overly willfull. No pessimism for me though. It doesn't get you anywhere. I find it annoying.
Alright, I'll answer the glass thing. The glass has water in it. It's half a glass of water. If I'm drinking it, it's half empty because I will continue to empty it. If I'm filling it, it's half full. This explains it all.

...That's it really, on that anyway. I write something important later. Ta

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Taking public transportation provides some very interesting listening.

But I think one of my favorites was when these (then) seniors somehow got into a discussion about stalkers and one of them said "Well, if someone was stalking me I'd take it as a compliment that they would take time out of their day to do that," or something along those lines. Yeah that was an interesting bus ride.

EDIT (1/31/09): Okay, got a bus one to trump that. This guy sat down behind me who was very definitely a drug dealer. He was talking about how some place (presumably his house?) got raided and 'they' found half a 'brick' and he was on the bus because the cars were still there. And he kept calling to arrange meetings or call back later.
And he smelled.

So I was sitting there going okaaaay... I'm glad I'm getting off soon. But seriously dude. Be more discrete.
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Hmm. Actually looking at these things now.[Error: unknown template qotd]

The short answer is yes. Why? Most adult women I know are WAY more likely to think they will get lost. Guys seem to think they'll get there eventually.

My dad is like that. My mom, on the other hand, likes to have the whole route planned out. Still, if she gets lost she doesn't panic like some poeple I know.

There is one explanation I have for this- we live in Chicago. Chicago, for the most part, is a grid. Most of the streets go either N/S or E/W, so if you turn on the wrong street you can still get where you're going. So long as you have a basic understanding of this and the addresses, even if you get lost you can figure out where you are. You're not really lost. However, not all cities are like Chicago and there are plenty of people who don't live in cities. I know from driving out west for vacation- one wrong turn and you're sorta screwed.

Well, I guess that's not exactly answering the question... But yeah. It could partly be that, I think, women tend to think more of detail. Details, like, how many other roads there are that one could get lost on.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Okay, so I saw this and it made me laugh. So I will take a shot at answering. But first, I am REALLY glad the election's over. I was getting so tierd of heariing people argue about it. Oh, wait. Debate.

So, shall I answer logically, or not? My logical guess is that you're more likely to want to get a drink in the middle of the night, which would be in the fridge. Stuff in the freezer is, well, frozen. It'd be too much effort to make something as a midnight snack, unless you really are awake, in which case most people would turn on a light.

Unless, of course, it's a matter of electricity. You see, when refrigerator designers were firstdesigning fridges with lights, they wanted to be sure the fridge would still run on a normal outlet in a normal kitchen. They also lacked the fancy wiring, and lower watt flouresent bulbs, that would be able to sustain power to two lights. Freezers require more direct power since they are keeping the food at a temperture further than normal than the refridgerator. So, they could only put a light in the refridgerator because that circut could handle the extra power demand. Putting a light in both parts would overload the system and the outlet the fridge was plugged into.

... It would be funny if that was actually true. :)


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