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Perhaps the most intense hours I've ever had. Oh, show, what have you done to me? Sad story is sad. Made me tear up really badly, which is saying something because I'm not one for crying over shows and books and things.

There was some very good writing and utterly kick-ass acting. And some very... heavy comments on life, politics, and humanity.

How heroic is the hero? At what point does anything become justified?
And how twisted we have made the world for ourselves.
What matters? What really matters? And at what cost?

In Gwen's own words, sometimes the Doctor must turn away in shame.

She also tells Jack he has to stop running. She's right. But he can't, because that's enough weight to crush even an immortal man. I think that's part of being who he is. He can't stop running.

In other but related news I am now motivated to make a character based largely off Ianto.

In COMPLETELY other news my dear friend is in from Nevada and, though she is currently with her cousins, it's nice to have her here. Shipazz. No, wait- Shipazz! Gotta say it with the exclamation point. Took her to renfaire and had an amazing time, and- my mom is on a first name basis with the music director there, so on the off chance I learn to play the tin whistle or the recorder by whenever auditions are we might persure that as a job for next summer. Hayley (my friend) said she would fly in to audition with us and stuff. That would be... 'wicked', I think, is the word I'm looking for.

I do love renfaire. And I have slowly but surely become and more facinated with steampunk, seeing as it's the theme for the next Windycon and I've looked into it. Is pretty and shiny and COOL.

That ends the utterly random transmission. You may return to your normal broadcast schedule. Enjoy your day/night/next 24 hours.
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According to the members of Bounding Main, that is. And, according to Odd's Bodkin:

Sometimes I speak like a pirate
Saying things like 'Arrr, ahoy there!'
But I am not really a pirate
I work at go to the Renaissance Faire!

Today marked the start of the Bristol renfaire- and I remember now how much I missed it. For opening day, it was quite full and ran smoothly, at least to an outsider's perspective. God, I love that place. I didn't go in garb this time because I was sort of in a rush this morning and couldn't find my pants. But I WILL be in garb next time, I'm almost certain. I should find a better pair of pants to go with the rest of my outfit...
But aside from that, and the fact that I have very little money (BEFORE I even went, which means no shiny pretties) it was an absolutely marvelous day. I met up with some friends of mine and wandered with them for the better part of the day. It's more fun that way.
I didn't see the spy today... perhaps he was hiding better? (considering last year he went around saying "I'm a spy!" that wouldn't be too hard)
And Broon won't be there untill the last two weekends, which is sad. But it's okay.
I actually sat with my dad and listened to some of the music. The musicians that work there are wonderful.

And did I mention I love the place? Because there are few like it. It will always make me happy. Even if drinks are insanely expensive. I just love the feel of the place.


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